The National Ambulance Research Steering Group (NARSG) is the official group representing ambulance research in the UK. Comprised of research managers and representatives from every ambulance service in the UK, we are committed to facilitating pre-hospital research by helping researchers develop projects that are suitable and appropriate for the ambulance service.

We are dedicated to expanding pre-hospital research by creating  new projects, developing new research avenues, identifying areas of need and furthering the evidence for pre-hospital clinical practice.

Above all, every Service is committed to doing research.  Since NARSG was formed in 2006 Ambulance Services have developed into thriving research communities; collectively and individually we engage in some of the most successful trials on the NIHR portfolio recruiting hundreds of patients each month. Our research consists of the best high quality, successful and robust clinical trials.

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If you want to do research, have a project, or want some advice on how to make your ambulance research successful please get in touch using the below link:

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