Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) provides emergency services for the 5.3 million people living in Yorkshire and takes over 900,000 calls each year. We supply the NHS 111 service for Yorkshire, North Lincolnshire and Bassetlaw.  We also deliver Patient Transport Services, with almost one million non-emergency journeys carried out each year.

Our Service employs over 3,000 frontline staff including paramedics, Technicians, Emergency Care Practitioners, Air Ambulance clinicians and a Hazardous Area Response Team. There are a further 1,000 volunteers working in the community as First Responders.

The YAS Research and Development Team consists of the Head of Research, a Research and Development Manager and four Research Paramedics.

Current and ‘in set-up’ research projects:

  • Non- pharmacological intervention for chronic breathlessness (BrEATHE)
  • Staff Wellbeing in Ambulance service Personnel (SWAP)
  • Triage models for the management of 999 callers with suspected COVID-19 (TRIM)
  • Major Trauma Triage Tools (MATTS)
  • Platform randomised trial of interventions against COVID-19 (PRINCIPLE)
  • Paramedic analgesia comparing ketamine and morphine in trauma (PACKMaN) – In set-up
  • Safety INdEX of Prehospital On-Scene Triage (SINEPOST)

Previously conducted research includes:

  • Take home Naloxone (TIME)
  • Airways management in cardiac arrest (AIRWAYS-2)
  • Blood pressure reduction in stroke (RIGHT2)
  • Management of alcohol-related emergencies (EDARA)
  • Health and well-being (The Yorkshire Health Study)
  • Patient and public perspectives on emergency service demand (DEUCE)
  • Staff well-being (Prevalence and trends in UK ambulance service staff suicides)

YAS have supported urgent public health research into testing, treatment and vaccines for COVID-19 including supporting the delivery of the Novovax trial in collaboration with local NHS partners. In a further collaboration with a local acute Trust we conducted a lateral flow device evaluation, and continue to actively participate in local research delivery collaboratives and partnerships. YAS also supports student-led Undergraduate projects ranging from BA/BSc qualifications through to Postgraduate and Doctoral PhD awards.

Yorkshire Ambulance Service is committed to improving services through evidence-based practice and welcomes contact about research. For further information please visit our website https://www.yas.nhs.uk/our-services/additional-services/research-support/

Research direct contacts:

Dr Fiona Bell- fiona.bell7@nhs.net

Research Office- yas.research@nhs.net