About SECAmb

South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust is part of the National Health Service (NHS). We respond to 999 calls from the public, urgent calls from healthcare professionals and provide NHS 111 services across the region.

We cover a geographical area of 3,600 square miles (Brighton & Hove, East Sussex, West Sussex, Kent, Surrey, and North East Hampshire) including densely populated urban areas, sparsely populated rural areas and some of the busiest stretches of motorway in the country.

We have over 3,300 staff working across 110 sites in Kent, Surrey and Sussex. Almost 90% of our workforce is made up of operational staff – those caring for patients either face-to-face, or over the phone at our emergency dispatch centre where we receive 999 calls.

Research Strategy

Research is recognised by the Trust as essential in the delivery and sustainability of high quality care provision. SECAmb is committed to being a research active organisation that is committed to improving its services, clinical outcomes and patient experience through the safe implementation of innovation, service evaluation and research findings. The importance of working closely with other health and social care agencies, academic partners and industry is key to its success when driving forward the safe adoption and spread of innovation and best practices grounded in evidence.

SECAmb has established a discrete, visible Research and Development Department (RDD) staffed by permanent members of the organisation. In order to meet our strategic objectives and to realise our mission “to deliver our aspiration of being better today and even better tomorrow for our people and our patients” research must become core business in our organisation with additional investment in resources and strong research leadership to meet the demands associated with the current growth of research activity within ambulance services.

The following four strategic aims are driving our strategic objectives to ensure that our staff, volunteers, patients and public understand what we want to achieve in terms of research and development within the Trust:

SECAmb will become recognised locally, nationally and internationally for:

  • The quality of its research
  • Its engagement in collaborative research with health and social care partners, academic institutions and industry
  • Being able to translate the products of its research into measurable benefits for patient care, health and well-being
  • Providing an evidence base to underpin developments in paramedic practice.

To achieve these aims it is essential that the Trust develops a culture where research, innovation and service evaluation is prioritised, valued and supported as an integral part of the organisation.


Should you wish to undertake any studies involving contact (direct/indirect) with service users, staff or private healthcare personnel and/or studies involving identifiable clinical data of service users please contact us


or access our website http://www.secamb.nhs.uk/about_us/our_developments/research__development.aspx