East of England ambulance service serves Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Essex, Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire which has a population of approximately 6 million. In 2019/20 the Trust received more than one million emergency calls.

Clinicians in the service consist of Critical Care Paramedics, Emergency Care Paramedics, Research Paramedics, Paramedics, Ambulance Technicians, Ambulance Practitioners (Intermediate and Advanced).

East of England is currently participating in the following portfolio research projects:


East of England have recently taken part in the following portfolio research projects:

Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest registry (OHCAO), Resuscitation with prehospital blood products (RePHILL), Paramedic identification of patients with End of Life care needs (PIEOL), Cambridge Health data consent survey (CLIMB), COVID-19 ambulance response assessment (CARA).

Numerous student-level projects are supported as well.

EEAST Annual Report 2019-2020

EEAST R&D Annual Report 2019-2020                          

The research team consists of a Head of Research, an Advanced Research Paramedic and two Research Paramedics

For research queries please contact:

Head of Research: Theresa Foster Theresa.foster@eastamb.nhs.uk

Advanced Research Paramedic: Larissa Prothero larissa.prothero@eastamb.nhs.uk

Research Paramedic (STRETCHED): Tessa Mochrie tessa.mochrie@eastamb.nhs.uk

Research Paramedic (TRIM): Shona Brown shona.brown@eastamb.nhs.uk